Instagram prepare new "3D Touch 'feature to Android App

One of the selling points of Apple's latest update to its line of smartphones is something they call "Touch 3D." The shield is believed that levels of pressure sensitivity detect applied by a user to represent menus or action. As many have noted, the function is basically the equivalent of a long press, just the power to replace the length of time. An enterprise should be free to come to the same conclusion that Instagram is preparing an update of their application, which effectively brings access to "Touch 3D" in the form of a long press on the Android application.

Cyber Monday sales Google Play is in full swing for all categories of Play Store

If you do not manage to spend all the money in the last few days, whether it Black Friday itself or to the day of all sales begins now called Cyber Monday in the online version of Black Friday. To kick off our coverage of Cyber Monday, Google has a massive sale on Google Play set in all categories. Technically, these sales began on Saturday, but the real mass of it looks today.