Create your own themes for Xperia devices XThemer

One of the main reasons why many of us choose to use blocks instead of further adjustment of the mobile operating system Android . In short, Android, we can customize our equipment needs and preferences , so they really ours.

Due to the modular nature intended fantastic system , allows you to standard Android applications for just about everything out . But what if, instead of changing the default applications , I prefer to change it from the looks of things ? Snndev senior XDA member has XThemer to help create the tasks to useimmatliittyvät themes for Sony Xperia devices .

XThemer not exactly new . In fact, the first version was published a little over a year. But two days ago , XThemer saimassiivinen renovation of version 4 , the new user interface that makes it much easier topics. XThemer The new user interface allows users to customize to create their own themes for flashable recovery , as the machine interface.

Make your way over to the original thread to get started with the customization fun.


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Angry Birds Star Wars

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